Tradelogic provides consulting services to its clients ranging from taking on responsibility for entire projects to supplementing client projects with key skill sets....

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Bespoke Application Development

Clients often initially engage with us on a consulting basis to assist them understand a real business problem which then leads to a development project to design....

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Our Solutions

  • Position Limit Management
  • deltaconX Compliance Solution
  • Programatic Trading
  • Data Management
  • Contract Capture

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Tradelogic is a market leading consultancy and bespoke software development organisation in the Commodities Trading and Risk Management sector.

We have a track record of trusted service provision to a range of commodity institutions including Investment Banks, Commodity trading houses and Utilities. Our reputation has been gained through the provision of high quality project delivery regardless of the scale and complexity.

We have three inter related streams of value to contribute to the success of our clients

  • Commodities IT consultancy
  • Application Development
  • Bespoke Frameworks

This web site provides more detail and invites you to talk to us to explore mutual opportunities. You will find us flexible, agile and easy to do business with.