Power Utility

This project is a classic example of a Tradelogic current state analysis leading onto production of a bespoke data capture and analytical application.

Tradelogic was selected as the company to conduct a market analysis, current process analysis, current and future information needs analysis. The output was a set of clear recommendations as to how to make significant productivity gains in the collection, transformation and visualisation of data.

The initial study was accepted and Tradelogic was commissioned to build an application that collects and aggregates multiple sources of data varying from spreadsheets, web sites, pdf’s to industry market feeds in any format and granularity.

The application constructed enables the data to be transformed, visualised and propagated throughout the company. The full system now forms the basis of the clients trading business as they seek to balance generation against demand and trade the difference. Work that was taking weeks is now taking a few hours.

Since the first version was commissioned Tradelogic has delivered two further significant upgrades and is currently working on a third.