Tier 1 Investment

This client conducts a significant proportion of its energy trading business through intermediaries.

Dodd Frank legislation and the Market Abuse Directive drove the need for greater reporting transparency and control over trading activities and many current systems are simply not equipped to provide the information or carry out the actions required to ensure compliance with such legislation.

Tradelogic was commissioned to provide a system to monitor the activities of these intermediaries against an agreed set of limits and if any of the limits are breached then alert, record and if required delete the appropriate order from the market. TRSEE Compliance engine is capable of monitoring market activity, alerting and if required, deleting orders from the market in micro seconds if required and includes audit trails and management reporting.

The system can be connected to any number of trading platforms.

This development was achieved in tight timescales and on budget and is now in phase 2 of its development.